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Allen with camera working

Winstonfoto.com Brings over 20 years of photographic love passion and experience. Specializing in public and private events all over Albuquerque area. We provide fast affordable digital photography services for Formal and informal events. Corporate Events, Meetings Conferences, Trade Shows, Black Tie Events, Charity Events, Fund Raisers, Grand Openings, Parties, Office Party, Birthdays, Holidays, Group Outings, Birthday parties, Class Reunions, and more.

Born in Atlanta Ga. Allen Winston grew up with a Camera in hand from the age of 7. Lugging around a 4x5 Speed Graphic and licking contacts on the bottom of flash bulbs. (because that is what his father did before putting in each flash bulb)

Allen split half his child hood between Atlanta Ga. and Tuskegee Al. on his Aunts farm chasing chickens and bear back ridding hogs. During these years was able to gain the appreciation for the visual arts from the many road trips between Atlanta and Tuskegee. Allen grew up in and out of darkrooms taking over the home bath room and schools darkrooms in High school as Photo editor of the year book staff as well as in College. One of the funny darkroom stories was when he was forgotten in the High school's darkroom and the school was locked up with Allen still in the Darkroom.

Moving to Chicago in 1990 where he attended DePaul University, while Allen met his wife Sharon of 20 yrs now. In Chicago, Allen attended the Harrington College of Design graduating with an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Photography. During his time at Harrington College Allen was able to apprentice under several master and professional photographers getting the privilege of photographing public and private events all over the Chicago Land area. During that time Allen has photographed everything from birthday parties to former US presidents, foreign heads of state, and celebrities.

Allen has logged countless hours with Volunteer work providing services to many non for profits covering fundraiser, providing portraits and general photography. It is this love of photography and people that has continued to drive Allen to peruse this passion throughout the years and continue it here in New Mexico, the land of enchantment.

All photographs are taken with Nikon D810, D200 Digital Camera and Nikon Lighting system, Dynalite M-1000WI 1000ws. On site prints by Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 Professional digital event printer. (dye sublimation printer not ink jet)